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Hannover, Germany 📸 📱Samsung Galaxy Note 9 2nd account @doortraits [email protected]

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Spaces that will make you want to stay forever. #visitpenang at George Town, Malaysia


It is summer in my heart. 💝 #doortraits #galaxynote9 at George Town, Malaysia


Start your day as you mean to go is a saying that I believe in. I can't imagine a bad day that would start with breakfast at this place. 😍 #penang #galaxynote9 ⠀ at George Town, Malaysia


Remembering the marvelous view of Penang captured by photographing through glass with my #galaxynote9 which intelligently adapts to surroundings like human eyes. 💙 This trip sponsored by @samsungmobile_de is coming to an end. 512 GB of internal storage made it possible to take more than 3,000 images and videos. Expect an overload of insights over the next few days. ☺ #withGalaxy #Samsungsnapshooter #SamsungDeutschland at Penang, Malaysia


As New Years resolutions are destined to fail, I keep the the things that I want for 2019 simple: To be healthy and happy, to spend more time with the ones I love, and to simply live the life I have always imagined. Happy New Year lovelies. I'm so very thankful for your support. ❤ #whpresolutions2019 📸 @emelbell at Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion


From Penang to Langkawi. 💙 My head and phone are full of memories. Cannot wait to share the impressions captured with my #galaxynote9 | Sponsored by @samsungmobile_de #withGalaxy #Samsungsnapshooter #SamsungDeutschland at Langkawi


Capturing beautiful tiles with the best travel companion - my #galaxynote9 💙 Our Malaysia trip sponsored by @samsungmobile_de is going great so far. There's still so much to share. #SamsungDeutschland #Samsungsnapshooter #withGalaxy at Penang, Malaysia


Most beautiful cloud patterns in the sky. Every day should start like this. ❤ Shot on #galaxynote9 | Sponsored by @samsungmobile_de #samsungsnapshooter #withGalaxy #SamsungDeutschland at Penang Chew Jetty 檳城姓周桥


"To be astonished is one of the surest ways of not growing old too quickly." - Colette | Simply obsessed with these colourful arched walkways. 💝 Captured in Live Focus Mode with my #galaxynote9 | Sponsored by @samsungmobile_de #samsungsnapshooter #withGalaxy #SamsungDeutschland at Penang, Malaysia


Always choose joy and happiness! ♡ Find out more about the street art in Penang by watching my stories. | Shot on #galaxynote9 #samsungsnapshooter #withGalaxy #SamsungDeutschland at George Town, Malaysia


You know I love doors so what better place to choose than Penang?! Super happy to explore the hidden gems like always with my #galaxynote9 💙 #withGalaxy #samsungsnapshooter #SamsungDeutschland @samsungmobile_de at George Town, Malaysia


"Sometimes Mother Nature has the answers when you do not even know the questions." 📸 by @milasdeli 💚 at Berggarten Herrenhausen


I wish I could travel back in time to the 1920s. I wonder what the street scene in Hannover looked like. #hannoverliebt at Hannover Döhren Wülfel


Soaking in the last bits of Autumn. 🍁🍂 #hannoverliebt at Hannover Nordstadt


"The things we see," said Pistorius gently, "are the things which are already in us. There is no reality beyond what we have inside us..." Hermann Hesse, Demian // #doortraits at Hanover, Germany


Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience. #doortraits at Hanover, Germany


Of all the places I've been to, you're the one I keep coming back to. ❤ #hannoverliebt at Hanover, Germany


"Nature never hurries: atom by atom, little by little, she achieves her work." - Ralph Waldo Emerson #doortraits at Hannover-Kleefeld station

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