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I love the feeling when you stand on a summit and have endless views in every direction. It’s a humbling experience that really puts into perspective how tiny we are at Whitefish, Montana


Exciting moments are nothing but a hop, skip, and jump away. You’ll need to be brave to leap into freezing glacial water but nothing will give you more bragging rights than this. For those of you that don’t know, a polar plunge (as we like to call it) has become a tradition and way of life in Montana. Every year people jump into the lakes in the winter and celebrate a cold rush to the senses like no other at Glacier National Park


The first thing we did when we touched down in Iceland was pile in our rental cars and head towards Höfn. We drove 9 hours through several gnarly storms and somehow made it with enough time to get a little power nap in. I’ll never forget seeing this view for the first time when we woke up! at Iceland


Our last paddle of the season was way more insane than I would have ever imagined. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t contemplate pushing snooze when the alarm went off, but this photo is a great reminder why it’s worth getting up early at Bozeman, Montana


A brief second of solitude while I admire these rare winter reflections. It’s been an abnormally warm winter up until now but that just means we get to hold onto these views a little longer. @eddiebauer #EBContributor #LiveYourAdventure at Whitefish, Montana


Cruisin’ on the Icefields Parkway at Jasper, Alberta


We stumbled upon this cave after helping a random couple who got their car stuck in the snow. We dug and dug trying to get them out and had a lot of laughs while we did. After we finished they mentioned that there was a “pretty cool view up around the bend,” so we decided to check it out...this is what we found. (PS: If you zoom in you can see where they got stuck. It’s the section of road that’s covered in snow) at Iceland


Slow and steady strokes at Bozeman, Montana


Sometimes all you need to clear your head is a scene like this at Banff, Alberta


One second you’re driving and the next you’re pulled over, freaking out, trying to capture a photo of the most incredible thing you’ve ever witnessed. This is what it was like to drive around in Iceland. With such incredible views during the day and night, it was hard to force ourselves to sleep at Reykjavík, Iceland


May this year be filled with the most incredible moments you’ve ever had. Take time to surround yourself with loved ones, capitalize on every opportunity, and never hesitate to embark on new adventures. Trust in yourself and take a leap because I promise that it will be the best thing you ever do! @eddiebauer #EBContributor #LiveYourAdventure at Banff, Alberta

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