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Watching the waves crash in. 🌊 at Atlantischer Ozean


Early mornings in the Fjords of Norway. The sun has just risen, unveiling Preikestolen and engulfing the landscape around it with a soft and hazy touch of light..


Missing the sunny days, the smell of the warm sea breeze and soothing sounds of the ocean. 🌊 at Pacific Northwest


Ocean textures as waves crash against the sand. 🌊 at Pacific Ocean


Seagull life at the Pacific Coast - the perfect idea of freedom and flight, limited by nothing at all. #PNW #Pacific #Coast at Olympic National Park


The great Torii gate of Hakone .. they say these shrines are the boundary between the spirit and the human world - an entrance to the sacred region. β›© #Japan #Hakone #Shinto #shrine at Hakone


Once again an incredible year with amazing impressions, though I have to admit I personally haven’t been too pleased with my work in 2018. I found myself more often in random places taking similar shots just to keep the Instagram game going. In the end I took only a handful of unique shots I actually like.. My goal for next year is to concentrate on something specific, learn new skills and sort out what and where I really want to proceed with my photography. Find meaning and joy in the stuff I do again as well as appreciate the little things in life. Well - thanks for your support people, stay adventurous and only the best for you all in 2019! πŸ€™ #Happynewyear #2019 at Mount Fuji


Standing amid these soaring stalks, hearing the bamboo bending and swaying gently back and forth with the wind..πŸŽ‹ #Japan #Kyoto #bamboo #arashiyama #arashiyamabambooforest at Kyoto, Japan


Starting my Japan series with a picture of the hot spring-loving so called snow monkeys. Every winter the wild macaques are leaving the mountains and gathering around the hot springs. To stay warm during the harsh Japanese winter they bath from day to day and enjoy the hot temperature of the water. What a life! πŸ’ #Japan #nagano #wildlife #snow #monkeys #stayandwander #germanroamers #passionpassport #thegreatoutdoors #natgeoyourshot at Nagano, Nagano


Merry Christmas everybody! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday with your loved ones. πŸŽ…πŸΌ #Merry #Christmas


Can you hear the water running down? 🌊 #PNW #Oregon #stayandwander #germanroamers #thegreatoutdoors #passionpassport #wanderlust at Oregon


Details from a walk through the woods. 🌿 #PNW #Pacific #Northwest #Oregon #Stayandwander #germanroamers #thegreatoutdoors #passionpassport at Oregon

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