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Snow days are for bundling up to play outside. Photo: @zoelaz #LiveYourAdventure


Don’t let Monday get you DOWN…unless, of course, we’re talking about the ultimate down puffy. Our Downlight StormDown Jacket is ultralight and insulated with responsibly-sourced, DWR-treated down so you stay warm, even in wet winter conditions. Photo of/ @Sam_Saarel | Photo Cred/ @nik.hardiman


Down for anything. Our MicroTherm 2.0 StormDown Hooded Jacket keeps you warm and toasty no matter where you roam. Photo: @itsbigben #LiveYourAdventure


From hiking up volcanoes to rappelling into canyons, you never know where your next adventure will take you. @ncentineo and his friends pushed themselves to experience it all while in Spain and Morocco, and came home with smiles and lifetime memories. What is the bucket list adventure at the top of your list? “We cliff jumped, repelled, and slid down natural slides for 3 hours and then hiked our exhausted butts out of the ravine. The craziest part was that Aaron actually jumped 😂and I think Tomer found his new life passion.” Photo: @andrewmaguirephoto #LiveYourAdventure


“I’m a firm believer in not just doing things but doing things in good company.” @ncentineo and his two best friends went on an epic adventure exploring the peaks and canyons of Spain and Morocco. Who would you bring with you on the adventure of a lifetime? Photo: @andrewmaguirephoto #LiveYourAdventure


@NCentineo joined Eddie Bauer to test his limits and embark on a new type of adventure - making some friends along the way. The multi-sport expedition scaled mountain summits, descended into water canyons and roped their way up massive cliffs with the help of trusted Eddie Bauer guide @adrianballinger. “Teide - The worlds 3rd largest Volcano and highest peak in Spain. A 2 day journey and a lifetime to remember it. @adrianballinger is a champion. This guy has been to the summit of Everest 8 times. 8. That’s 1 more than 7. He’s a wild man and is the reason I will forever be changed by this trip. I will always think of a be grateful of the wisdom, knowledge and experience that he endlessly and abundantly supplied to Tomer, Aaron and I. All I have is gratitude.” Photo: @andrewmaguirephoto #LiveYourAdventure


We headed to Spain and Morocco with @ncentineo and his two best friends for a trip full of firsts – rock climbing massive cliffs, ascending the 3rd largest volcano in the world, and a canyoneering expedition. Trying these things for the first time pushed @ncentineo out of his comfort zone and he found a new passion for adventure and the friendship it brings. “More than just the wildness of the past 3 days, I’ve learned so much about technical apparel, safety, trusting myself, pushing myself and just how much I love these two fellas here with me...I’ve acquired a new passion for these sports and if it wasn’t for @eddiebauer giving me this opportunity..that would not have happened. Thank you so much for these experiences, lessons and passions that I won’t soon forget about.” Photo: @andrewmaguirephoto


Eddie Bauer skier @lexidupont can see the forest AND the trees, plus an epic powder stash or two. Photo:@eye_b_long #LiveYourAdventure


Pastel colored skies and a fresh coat of snow ❄️ Photo: @tiffpenguin #liveyouradventure


Who says s’mores are only for summer time. What is your favorite winter snack? Photo: @goldenmediaco @thelostgirlsguide #LiveYourAdventure


Know before you go. Eddie Bauer guide @ReggieCrist recently led a Pro 1 Avalanche course. #LiveYourAdventure


Come in and cozy up! Photo: @taramiller.co #LiveYourAdventure

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