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🗻Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do 👩🏼‍🏫 BSW | ‘19 BEd Grad | #freshairandfreedom 🐶 Mom to @timber_tails 🌎 Want to join me in Peru? 👇🏼 Similar users See full size profile picture

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What an experience 🐺 🐺 Meet Flora and Murphy. This weekend I had the opportunity to ‘Walk with The Wolves’ in Golden, BC and learn a bit more about The Northern Lights Wildlife Wolf Centre. They promote wolf conservation throughout the natural environment, valuing the role they play in nature, while providing experiences and education to the public @tourismgolden @hellobc #goldenrules #exploreBC * * Huge thanks to @justinrauchphoto for capturing these moments! The second photo is his though I wanted to share it with you all! * * Ps. Flora is 7 years old (white) and Murphy is 2, reason Murphy is on a lead is due to him being in training currently. Average life expectancy of a wolf in the wild is 3-6 years and 12-15 at the centre. at Northern Lights Wildlife Wolf Centre


I spend a lot of time out here in the rockies, and still, no matter the experience I find myself excited and grateful to have them be such a large part of my life @eddiebauer #liveyouradventure #ebcontributor | Thanks @justindkauffman for the photo ❄️ at Two Jack Lake


MOROCCO! Sooooo as most of you have already seen I have partnered with @trovatrip and will be hosting a trip to Peru in the Summer (July 15-22nd) There are still 5 spots left and you can DM me if you are interested in coming with. I posted yesterday in my stories about Morocco and a potential trip there with me in either September or October. If you are interested in hearing more, head to the link in my bio and enter your email address, so we can then keep you up to date as things become confirmed. This is just to gauge interest ✨ * * Disclaimer... this first photo has nothing to do with Morocco, or Peru, but I have been craving sun lately and it was a very memorable trip out in the back country this past Summer. Second photo is of @saltyluxe during her trip to Morocco! Feel free to reach out to me with any questions about either trip! at Morocco


Banff National Park attracted over 4 million people last year... I think it’s pretty clear why that is so. Blessed to have this place as my backyard ✨ * * We’re one week into the New Year. Have you set new resolutions? Any goals for the year to come? Or what are your thoughts on such? | Exploring in the @eddiebauer Astoria Hooded Down Parka | Thanks @itsbigben for the photo! #ebcontributor #liveyouradventure at Lake Louise, Alberta


Do not fast forward into something you’re not ready for or allow yourself to shrink back into what’s comfortable. Growth lives in the uneasiness. The in between. The unfinished sentence. You are a season of becoming - Danielle Doby | #southdakota #HiFromSD * * This day in particular was one to remember. I was down in @southdakota with the tourism board and @jadubya who had came along for the adventure! I reached out to @jessebrownnelson who’s a photographer/adventurer in the area for some suggestions. We got chatting and we decided to meet up one of the days. He graciously showed us around during the day to some waterfalls and popular sights, and asked if we wanted to do a sunset hike. OF COURSE we were game. He told us the hike would take about 3 hours up... so we stared a lot earlier, well first off it ended up taking a lot less but also told us he wasn’t sure of our capabilities after (guess we were faster then we looked - we forgive your quick assumptions 🙃), and also the trail is NOT a well marked trail - it’s not on any ‘hiking maps’ and it’s honestly STRAIGHT up. We would’ve never found this point without Jesse guiding us. I guess hiking in South Dakota (especially in the Black Hills) isn’t something lots of people do - and to get young women in the area to do so is even more rare, especially on trails without paths and in the dark or sunset. He kept repeating how happy he was that we were down for such an adventure 🤷🏼‍♀️ We ended up hiking back down once the sun set (taking a different route) which again wasn’t trail set so we just kinda ‘wung it’... down scree, through thick trees, not really certain where on the road we were going to come out. But we did it and it was well worth it 🤗 #freshairandfreedom at Black Hills of South Dakota


Life’s too short to be anything but happy ✨ Snows been falling like crazy out in the mountains lately and I CANT WAIT to get out there this coming weekend for some fun new activities! Thanks @morganvictoriaa for this gem of a memory #freshairandfreedom at Kananaskis Country


Do you ever look at your dog and think... How did I get so lucky? 🙋🏼‍♀️ Can’t wait for the adventures ahead in 2019 with this one | @eddiebauer #EBcontributor #liveyouradventure | Photo @justindkauffman at Upper Kananaskis Lake


Give yourself permission to live a big life. Give your self permission to step into bigger things. Stop playing small. You are meant for greater things - Unknown * * I remember this day like it was yesterday... though it was over 4 years ago now. Myself and 2 other girlfriends @sutherlandalix @lyndsay_dettmer set out for a weekend adventure to Jasper. During the drive we decided to make a pit stop at Athabasca Glacier - so we strapped on the hikers and started to walk around. In the distance we saw this vibrant blue colour sparkling... as we got closer and closer we realized just what we were getting ourselves into. We had no idea this ice cave existed and we were lucky enough to experience it. Quickly after it became wildly known and I saw it across social media. People were making there way out to photograph, and experience it. As the years have went on this beauty has diminished. It’s weird to think about what the Athabasca Glacier will look like 4 years from now... 10, 20, 100 even. Will there be anything left of it? 💎 at Athabasca Glacier


I hope 2019 brings you as much joy as these mountain bring me ❤️✨ * * I know I posted a VERY long story recap of 2018 (Kudos to all of you who made it the whole way through) , all the highlights and fun times though what isn’t seen is the in between. I’ve always been one to grab hold of as many opportunities as I can, that come my way... though with that comes cons too. The busyness, anxiety, uncertainty, insecurities, and strive for balance at times. I could go on but I just want to say a HUGE thank you to all of you who continue to follow and support me in this little ‘journey’ of mine. From the comments to the messages, I appreciate all of you. Can’t wait to see what this year has in store... Like I said it is going to be a VERY busy couple months to start, finishing up my degree but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and of course have some trips planned throughout 😬✨ Thanks @c_marsh15 for the photo during our NYE hike last year! #freshairandfreedom at Kananaskis Country


My hope for you: that you always wake with an excited soul and go to sleep with a thankful heart - @soulfulpenguin ❄️❤️ * * As 2018 is coming to an end there is SO much to reflect on. I could write some super lengthy caption (and I still may) but in summary it was a year FULL of adventure, opportunity, progress, growth, and eye opening experiences to say the least. Looking ahead to 2019 with a whole lot of excitement AND a whole lot of nerves. It is going to be a very busy few months to start, though not exactly sure what the rest is going to look like. That’s all part of the fun, and adventure, right!? | Thanks @crp13 for the photo! #freshairandfreedom at Vermilion Lakes


I only started downhill skiing three years ago & it has quickly grown to something I love doing. To be honest I was never a HUGE lover of the longer cold months (more of a beach bum), but finding Winter activities over the years has helped. From snowshoeing to Winter hiking and camping, downhill and cross country skiing, and skating all of a sudden our longer Canadian Winters are something I look forward too @eddiebauer #liveyouradventure #ebcontributor | Link to my jacket is in my story ❄️ at Banff Sunshine Village


Life only comes around once, so do more of what makes you happy, in places that fill your heart, with people that make you smile ❤️ * * Can’t wait to make my way out here in two days. The mountains are calling us, especially with all this snow we’re getting 😁❄️❤️ Just over a week till it’s back to classes... Time is going way too quickly, but taking full advantage!! * * Hoping you all had wonderful Christmas Day! Thanks @matt.snell for this memory of Timber and I from last year #freshairandfreedom at Banff National Park

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