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Mood 🐶👀 | #boschzoo at Elbgold Innenstadt


"Thank you for warming" Thank you for the reminder and the bold statement, @julianzigerliofficial. The "Last Sweater" by the Swiss fashion designer is a pretty Ugly Christmas Sweater that serves as a call to action. Climate change is happening faster than expected. The current warming trend is of particular significance because most of it is extremely likely (greater than 95 percent probability) to be the result of human activity. Julian says: “It’s up to us. If we want to continue to be able to wear sweaters, we have to act quickly to stop the climate from warming.” All proceeds from the sale of the "Last Sweater" will go directly towards @wwf_ch projects to combat climate change. (Werbung - unbezahlt) 📸: @anika with a little help (concept) from @benjakon.xx #lastsweater #julianzigerli #fightglobalwarming at Hamburger DOM


I love to start my week with a coffee brewed in my kitchen. One of my current favourites is the 'Boji Kelloo' from Kochere – Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia. This outstanding roast by @koppi_roasters comes with notes of white peach, roses and lemon. What's your current favourite coffee? ☕️☀️ | #boschcoffee #koppiroasters #acmeforlife at Hamburg-Mitte, Hamburg, Germany


Werbung: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who ist the most limitless of all. #limitlessXperia selfie shot on the new @sonyxperiade #XZ3. | #MeinXperia #Xperia at the coffee shop Poststrasse


Werbung: No beginning and no end. Of course this circle is also somehow limitless. The new #XZ3 by @sonyxperiade is a great tool for catching a #limitlessXperia like this 🎯💥 | #MeinXperia #Xperia at Gängeviertel


at Pudelsalon


Werbung: #limitlessXperia always starts with a great breakfast. Thanks to @sonyxperiade for satisfying my limitless thirst for coffee. #MeinXperia #Xperia #XZ3 at Törnqvist


at Companion Coffee


#autumnisokay 🍂 at Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany


If you want to learn how the brain works, read this book. If you want to enjoy a great coffee, drink this Kenyan 'Karutu AA' roasted by @fiveelephant. System 1 and system 2 love this coffee. Of course I prefer drinking slow. | #boschcoffee #boschbooks #fiveelephant #danielkahneman #thinkingfastandslow #penguinbooks at Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany

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