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“It’s not a fantasy, but it looks unreal.” #ShotoniPhone by Joe L. @joelopez at Barcelona, Spain


"I saw Mikey (@mikeywright1) heading toward me, setting up to do a big turn or air, so I went through the wave and pointed in the direction I thought he’d be flying. I didn’t realize what I’d captured until I was on shore, but it was tack sharp. The shadow and sun were unbelievable. A few feet either way and it wouldn’t have had the same impact.” #ShotoniPhone by Zak N. @zaknoyle, as seen on the cover of The Surfer’s Journal (@surfersjournal). at North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii


“What most don’t know is that living bacteria causes the gorgeous colors.” #ShotoniPhone by Alexandra F. @missalex.andra at Midway Geyser Basin


Commissioned by Apple. Watch the music video for @bronchoworldwide Big City Boys, a visual love letter to the film and music video history of on-screen rumbles. It was inspired by music videos like Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” and “Bad” as well as classic films such as “West Side Story”, “The Warriors”, “Rumble Fish” and of course, “The Outsiders”. #ShotoniPhone by Richard F. @shotisms @applemusic To see the full Music Video, check out IGTV and Stories for Behind the Scenes. at Tulsa, Oklahoma


Collection: Creativity #ShotoniPhone - 1. Fatima Z. @fatimazohraphoto - 2. Nathalie H.F. @selene_par_furuuchi - 3. Naif F. @naivefhn - 4. Levan K. @kknvlz - 5. Saeid M. @5aeid - 6. Dimpy B. @dimpy.bhalotia - 7. Daniil S. @qoube - 8. Nikita Y. @yarosh.nikita_ - 9. Kağan B. @kaganbastimar - 10. Aurelie G. @globalworming


“Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people. Sport can create hope where once there was only despair." — Nelson Mandela. #ShotoniPhone by Kevin C. @asphaltchronicles who photographed players from Giants of Africa (@giantsofafrica), a nonprofit empowering African youth through basketball, in celebration of the #mandela100.


“Commitment, dedication and passion gets Bronte locals up early every day for a morning swim.” #ShotoniPhone by Sandra P. @sandrapaino_ at Bronte Beach, Sydney


Commissioned by Apple. "Self-portraiture is a visual representation of the voice in your head. For those of us living with HIV, stigma is often the most brutal side effect, so I've used glamour to represent myself for all those moments when I haven't felt beautiful. This is for people living with HIV/AIDS, as a reminder that we are human and desirable. This is for people without the virus to rewire their understanding and restore compassion. Because once the body is gone, all that's left is the work we leave behind.” #ShotoniPhone by Kia L. @goodnight_kia #WorldAIDSDay. Check out IGTV for more.


Commissioned by Apple. "Decotora used to be very unique to Japan, but nowadays you can find it all over the internet or in other countries that are taking cues from us to deck out their own trucks. Within the community, even if we don’t know each other personally, we know each other’s names. We know each other’s faces. We know each other’s trucks.” — Kazuya S. #ShotoniPhone by Jiro K. @jirokonami. Visual effects by Yoshi S. @yos_sod. Music: "Ann Arbor Part 1" by @__shigeto. Check out IGTV for more. at Miyagi Japan


“Mother Earth, always putting on a show.” #ShotoniPhone by Arthur D. @arthurdanielsson at Oeschinen Lake


“Time to go.” #ShotoniPhone by Abhigyan N. @shutterlock_blues at Kota, Rajasthan


Commissioned By Apple. "I’m always amazed by the vibrant colors of the annual cranberry harvest." #ShotoniPhone by John L. @johnlehmann at Richmond, British Columbia

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