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mind your head. writer. curator ( #mdbkvirtualnormality). columnist @monopolmagazin. founder of @thisaintartschool. 📸

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There‘s a new museum in town. The James Simon Gallery by @david.chipperfield architects. It‘s located on the Museumsinsel and connects the various museum buildings. That‘s why Chipperfield says: „It‘s not really a museum.“ I was given a tour by David Chipperfield himself for @monopolmagazin, Wim Wenders happened to be there as well. Feel free to check my stories. (The full story is archived in Monopol‘s Highlights.) #davidchipperfield #museumsinsel #visitberlin #davidchipperfieldarchitects at Museum Island


"Thank you for warming" Thank you for the reminder and the bold statement, @julianzigerliofficial. The "Last Sweater" by the Swiss fashion designer is a pretty Ugly Christmas Sweater that serves as a call to action. Climate change is happening faster than expected. The current warming trend is of particular significance because most of it is extremely likely (greater than 95 percent probability) to be the result of human activity. Julian says: “It’s up to us. If we want to continue to be able to wear sweaters, we have to act quickly to stop the climate from warming.” All proceeds from the sale of the "Last Sweater" will go directly towards @wwf_ch projects to combat climate change. Photo: @bosch with a little help (concept) from @benjakon.xx (Werbung, unbezahlt) #lastsweater #julianzigerli #fightglobalwarming


"Novecento (1900)" by @mauriziocattelan at @castellodirivoli. The work consists of an embalmed horse hung from the ceiling by a sling. The animal’s neck is bent downward and the hooves, stretched out during taxidermy, extend toward the ground. A new take on the concept of natura morta ("still life,"literally "dead nature"), the final image is one of frustrated tension, of energy destined to find no outlet. I‘ve been to Turin in Italy for a couple of days to visit @artissimafair, Italy’s most important art fair, for @monopolmagazin. We‘ve also visited some museums and art institutions like the @castellodirivoli with its excellent new exhibition by Hito Steyerl titled "The City of Broken Windows". Feel free to check my stories for some impressions. Thanks to @sutton for having me. #castellodirivoli #mauriziocattelan #monopolmagazin at Castello di Rivoli Museo d'Arte Contemporanea


🚬 at Athens, Greece


A couple of months ago, @signepierce told me she was going to be part of the @athensbiennale. A couple of months later, Signe and I met at the @athensbiennale. Tap @monopolmagazin to watch our interview. (It‘s online only a few more hours.) #ab6 #athensbiennale #signepierce at Athens, Greece


When the Akropolis is too crowded. (Thanks, @another.gio, for showing me around.) at Athens, Greece


Balenciaga is popular in Athens. #sequenceassignment at Akropolis / Ακρόπολις


Tetris at Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany


This is my friend @mr_sunset. Please say hi to Stefan. 🌸 at Dong Xuan Center


All the people #samesamebutdifferent with @konaction at Marzahn, Berlin, Germany


Test, test, 123. Sorry, I am just curious if I can get as many likes for a spiral staircase as other people do. Art by #ZillaLeutenegger at @palaispopulaire. #theworldneedsmorespiralstaircases #treppenhausfreitag #staircasefriday #palaispopulaire at PalaisPopulaire


🤳 at @mecollectorsroom. People were asking which exhibitions in Berlin I recommend, so here‘s a list: Lee Bul "Crash", @gropiusbau Agnieszka Polska "The Demon’s Brain", Hamburger Bahnhof "Touch", @ngbk_berlin @alicjakwade, @koeniggalerie Julian Charrière "As We Used to Float", @berlinischegalerie Nicholas Nixon, @coberlin "Touching from a Distance. Transmediations in the Digital Age", Literaturhaus "The Moment is Eternity - Works from the Olbricht Collection", me Collectors Room Any recommendations from you? #berlinartweek #artselfie at me Collectors Room


#amondaycarpic Almost like @ofeneck. at Berlin Mitte


#asaturdaycarpic at Berlin, Germany


@bosch in black. #berlinartweek, behind the curtain: Agnieszka Polska, The Demon‘s Brain at Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart – Berlin


"success is just a smile away", says @andykassier. @berlinartweek is already here, yesterday was day number one for me. I went to Funkhaus Berlin to see the show curated by @johann.koenig, afterwards we visited the @koeniggalerie itself to check out @alicjakwade‘s exhibition "Entitas". There was no time left for all the openings that happened all over town, so more to see left for today. #berlinartweek #koeniggalerie #alicjakwade at St. Agnes


I made a new friend today at @kehrerverlag. #martinparrassignment at Kehrer Verlag

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